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    • "Educational expansion, intergenerational mobility and over-education" with Ausias Ribó, 2012, Working Paper E12/284. (pdf)
    • "Why do university graduates regret their study program? A comparison between Spain and the Netherlands" with Aleksander Kucel, 2012, Working paper E12/279. (pdf)
    • "Is the matching function Cobb-Douglas?" with Ausias Ribó, 2012, Working paper E12/272. (pdf)
    • "Graduate labor mismatch in Central and Eastern Europe" with Aleksander Kucel and Péter Ròbert, 2011, Working paper E11/259 (pdf)
    • "Labor mobility and productivity growth" with Xavier Raurich and Fernando Sánchez-Losada, 2011, Working paper E11/254, Universitat de Barcelona (pdf)
    • Is there a wage penalty for vertical and horizontal mismatch?” with Aleksander Kucel, 2010, Demosoc Working Paper No. 34, Universitat Pompeu Fabra. (pdf)
    • "On the industry experience premium and labour mobility", 2008, Working Paper E08/208, Universitat de Barcelona. (pdf)
    • Inter-firm labour mobility and knowledge diffusion: a theoretical approach”, 2008, Working Paper E08/210, Universitat de Barcelona. (pdf)