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Name: Marisol Rodríguez

Contact Data:

Department de Política Econòmica i EEM
Facultat d'Economia i Empresa
Avda. Diagonal 690
08034 Barcelona, Spain
Tel. +34-93-4035815

Marisol Rodríguez is Professor of Applied Economics (Health Economics) at the School of Economics

of the University of Barcelona. She holds an M.Sc. in Economics from the London School of Economics

(UK, 1981) and a Diploma in Health Systems Analysis from the School of Public Health of the Johns

Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA, 1985). In 1999 she was an invited fellow at the School of Public

Health in the University of Berkeley (California, USA).


Between 1990 and 1998 she was the director of the Master's course in Health Economics and Health

Care Management organised jointly by the University of Barcelona and the University Pompeu

Fabra (Barcelona). She has taught numerous courses in health economics in several institutions.


Her main areas of research are: inequalities in health and health care equity issues, the analysis of

health expenditures and the demand for health care and health insurance. She has been an invited

speaker in several seminars and events. She belongs to a European network of researchers working

on equity of the health care systems.