Seminars 2010-2011 First Semester

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01-10-10 divendres, 12:30 Marta Arespa (Universitat de Barcelona)
    "New insights in trade finance"
22-10-10 divendres 12:30 Jaime Alonso (Universitat de Vigo)
    "Sectoral composition and Economic Growth"
29-10-10 divendres 12:30 Patricio Garcia i Ausias Ribó (Universitat de Barcelona)
    Quits to non participation and wages
12-11-10 divendres 12:30 Cristina Vinyes (Universitat de Minnesota)
    "Effects of economy-wide factors on Brazilian economic growth: An inter-temporal general equilibrium analysis."
22-11-10 dilluns 12:00 Elena del Rei (Universitat de Girona)
    "Dynamic Efficiency and Optimal Public Policy in an Endogenous Growth Model" (with Miguel Angel Lopez)
26-11-10 divendres, 12:30 Valeri Sorolla (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
    "Monopolistic competition and different wage setting systems" (with José Ramón García)