Seminars 2009/2010 Second Semester

Check here our seminars from the course 2009/2010.

Date Presenter Title
30 Novembre Omar Licandro  Trade, Firm Selection, and Innovation: The Competition Channel
2 Desembre Oriol Tejada Bilinear tax reforms of dual taxes: a theoretical and empirical analysis
20 Gener Sekyu Choi "Labor Share and Technology Dynamics"
  UAB (with José-Víctor Ríos-Rull)
27 Gener Alessandra Bonfiglioli "Politicians, Uncertainty and Reforms" 
  UAB  (con Gino Gancia)
24 Febrer Silvana Tenreyro Openness to Trade and Supply-Chain Diversification
10 Març Ioana Schiopu Macroeconomic effects of higher education funding policies
25 Març Juan Licari "The Role of Money in a Model 
(dijous)   with Frictional Investment Markets"
  U. Penn with A. Geromichalos (UC Davis) and J. Suarez-Lledo (UAB)
14 Abril David Dorn Inequality and specialization: The growth of Low-Skill Service Jobs in the United States
28 Abril Javier Fernandez Blanco A directed search model of ranking by unemployment duration
  Universidad Carlos III
20 Maig Juan Gabriel Rodriguez Inequality of opportunity and growth
(dijous) Instituto de Estudios Fiscales
26 Maig Alberto Bucci Returns to Specialization, Competition, 
  Universitat de Milan population and growth: a unified setting
2 Juny David de la Croix Do Brain Drain and Poverty Result from Coordination Failures?
  Université catholique de Louvain
14 Juny Hakki Yazici On the Optimal Skill Distribution in a Mirrleesian Economy
(dilluns) Sabanci University